Silver Fingerprint necklaces

June 11, 2017
Pure silver hand crafted

Sterling silver charms & pendants with your loved one's fingerprint. Each one comes with a short inscription on back.♥

Tina's work started as a dream inspired by her love of family. In her search for a special piece of jewelry to commemorate her children, only a simple, yet unordinary, timeless-with-a-twist design would do. Dreams + labor of love + serendipity + intuition = Love Touch Collection. No one does what Tina does to make fingerprint jewelry come to life. She has a flair for artistic combinations that draw people to her work.

These designs are not just for child fingerprints. They are popular for capturing adult prints, particularly for couples (weddings, anniversaries!).

Designs have an organic, antiqued appearance. Each piece comes with a short inscription on back which you can specify during your online check out. We hand engrave on back to maintain the beautiful simplicity of each print on front. Read Customer Service before ordering.

Child Fingerprint /Adult Fingerprint 5 (Charm Only)

Child Fingerprint 5/Adult Fingerprint 5 (Charm Only)

Child Fingerprint $145/Adult Fingerprint $165 (Pendant Only)

Child Fingerprint $195/Adult Fingerprint $235 (Pendant Only)

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