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January 5, 2018
Powermate PMC BP 60D 60V DC

Fine Silver Clay

There are 3 brands of fine silver clay available: PMC, Art Clay Silver and Metal Magic Silver Clay. We offer all 3 brands and all of the available formulations of each. All of these fine silver clays are made from powdered fine silver that is .999 in purity and considered pure silver or "fine" silver.

Fine silver clay is the easiest and fastest of all metal clays to fire. In as little as 2 minutes you can transform dry clay into a pure fine silver object.

Minimum Firing Time: 2 minutes

Firing Options: Torch, gas burner, enameling kiln, jewelry kiln

Silver Alloy Clay

MC Sterling and PMC PRO are silver metal clays that are made of fine silver, copper and other metals. This type of mixture is called an "alloy" and results in a metal that is far stronger than pure fine silver. Metals are alloyed to enhance or impart characteristics that are lacking in the main metal. Fine silver is a metal that is easily dented and scratched. By adding other metals, an alloy with greater strength is created. PMC Sterling and PMC PRO offers jewelry artists the ability to make thinner, more delicate jewelry that meets any jewelers standard for durability. PMC Sterling is 92.5% silver and a 7.25% proprietary blend of copper and other metals. PMC PRO is 90% silver and a 10% proprietary blend of copper and other metals, making it the strongest, most durable silver metal clay on the market. Both clays are fired inside a fireproof container filled with activated carbon and fired in a kiln. Most pieces can be fired in 1 hour.

Minimum Firing Time: 1 hour

Firing Options: Carbon Firing (kiln required)

Gold Clay

PMC and Art Clay both offer gold clay products. Gold clays are either pure 24K gold or 22K alloy of fine silver and gold. 22K means there is 22 parts pure gold and 2 parts some other metal. Can be fired with a hand held torch in as little as 2 minutes.

Firing Options:Torch, gas burner, enameling kiln, jewelry kiln

Bronze Clay

ronze is an alloy of copper and tin. Bronze is a very hard metal and is the strongest of all the metal clays available. We offer 3 types of Bronze Clay. BRONZclay and FASTfire BRONZclay by Metal Adventures, Inc. The difference between these two formulations is the firing time required, the shrinkage, and the color of the finished metal. The 3rd type of Bronze Clay we offer is a large range of colored powdered Bronze clays by Hadar Jacobson. Powdered clays are distinctive in that the artist adds water to create the amount of clay wanted or necessary, with the powdered remainder having an extended shelf life.

BRONZclay is fired according to the thickness of the finished piece. The thicker the clay, the slower the firing. The thinner the piece, the faster the firing. This version shrinks about 25% during firing and is a warm bronze color.

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