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April 1, 2016
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Our mission at PMC Supplies is to provide our vast customer base with a one-stop shopping experience for quality casting equipment and supplies. In addition to casting products, we offer an ample amount of jewelry tools and findings. We are committed to delivering superior customer service, operational excellence, quality products, fair prices, and devotion to our customers.

Our Products

Here at PMC Supplies, we are continuously adding new products and are committed to keeping up with industry demands. We specialize with both the jewelry tooling and precious metal casting industries. Whether you are an at-home hobbyist, or on either a beginner or professional level, we stock over 5, 000+ high-quality products in order to meet your specific needs to provide you with excellent project results. Need it all and don’t know where to begin? Or are you new to the melting process and don’t know which tools you require? Browse our carefully designed all-inclusive kits which have everything you need to get started right away.

We carry many necessary casting supplies, such as melting furnaces, handling tools, testing supplies, safety gear, books, guides, crucibles, molds, and more. Our high-quality graphite ingot molds and crucibles are extremely popular in the industry and were one of the first products we began carrying. We are confident that our high density graphite molds and crucibles are more durable and long lasting in comparison to others in the industry. We are proud to now offer custom mold requests as well, so you can create a design that is uniquely your own and get the highest possible value when selling your precious metals. Contact a custom mold specialist today to discuss further details and to receive a free quote.

We have also expanded and now carry a full line of jewelry tools and supplies so that our customer can find everything they need, all in one place. With over 100+ varieties of specialty hammers, tweezers and pliers, you will surely find the right tool to add to your bench. We offer tools for jewelry cleaning, forming, polishing, stone setting, beading and stringing, soldering and the list goes on. Be sure to check out our jewelry tool kits if you are just starting out or want to take advantage of a great value.

Quality Brands

We are proud to offer tools and equipment from some of the leaders in the industry including:

And many more as well as some of our own quality line of PMC Supplies tools!

Our Customers

At PMC Supplies, we offer a full line of jewelry tools and casting supplies to a vast customer base for both hobbyists and professionals in the industry. We are confident that with our extensive inventory and selection of quality tools and supplies, you will find exactly what you are looking for and more. Our customer base includes, but is not limited to:


Mining for gold isn’t just a thing of the past. There is an abundance of gold and other precious metals that are being discovered daily. PMC Supplies offers the tools and equipment you need for recovering gold. We carry sluices, gold pans, classifiers, dredges and more. We have many tools and equipment to make your next mining excursion a success!


We carry tools and supplies for a wide variety of metalworking applications. Our products include an extensive torch selection, soldering tools, anvils, hammers and other forming tools.


If you currently melt down your own precious and non-precious metals, or want to start, PMC Supplies has all of the tools and equipment that you need including melting furnaces, graphite and ceramic crucibles, pouring molds, handling tools, safety gear, casting flux and more!

Jewelry Makers:

PMC Supplies offers high quality jewelry tools for every skill level. Whether you are a hobbyist or professional, we provide tools for both beginners and advanced jewelry makers. Our all inclusive jewelry tool kits are a great choice for customers who are just getting into the art of jewelry making. We carry a full line of jewelry tools and supplies for beading and stringing, cleaning and polishing, stamping, stone setting, watch repair/making, and other jewelry applications.


In addition to jewelry making tools, stock a large selection of products that can be used for general crafting and creating. We carry hundreds of specialty tweezers, pliers, hammers, cutters, vises, and recently introduced a large variety of findings, beads, and wire amongst several others.

Now Offering Custom Molds and Tooling!

We are excited to announce that we now offer custom made ingot molds, graphite crucibles, steel stamps and specialty tooling upon request. Bring your designs to reality and call 855-298-7627 today for a free quote!

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