Charms made out of Clay

November 4, 2016
Asian polymer clay food charms

easy polymer clay bear[Update: Recently, I have found out that there is a no-bake lightweight polymer clay in the market, you just need to leave the finished charm to dry in room temperature for at least 24 hours]

This is an easy tutorial and a great entry level polymer clay craft for beginner. Basically, anyone can do it and doesn’t have to be skilled to handle polymer clay. Even kids can do it but they will need adult’s help when baking / curing the polymer in an oven.

While shopping for craft materials few weeks ago, I accidentally stumbled upon some basic color polymer clays. As I shop around, I found some mini cookies cutters which is so cute that I can’t leave without buying them. What came straight to my mind was that I can make some easy keychain charm for my daughter. The keychain charm is for her water tumbler so that she can differentiate it if someone brought the same water tumbler to school.

polymer clay heart charm polymenr clay star charm polymer clay cliphead
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