Make your own silver ring

December 16, 2016
Make Your Own Silver Ring
1. Find your ring size using the ring sizers.

2. Find the dimensions of your ring size in the table shown.
Note: If you know your ring size, there is no need for the ring sizers.

3. Trace a rectangle the length of your ring on paper, the width of your desire using a ruler.
Note: If the ring width is too narrow, it may not solder correctly.
Note: If you want to attempt a design, the paper mockup is where you can practice drawing it and placing it correctly.

4. Cut out the rectangle.
Caution: Be careful with the scissors.

5. Wrap the piece of paper you cut out around your finger to see how it looks and feels (taping together if necessary).
Note: If it looks the way you want you’re ready to move on; if not, continue trying different things with the paper.

6. Trace the rectangle of paper onto your chunk of sterling silver using a marker or mechanical pencil.
Note: It may be easier to use a ruler again to trace onto the sterling silver rather than tracing the paper.

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