Shirt embroidery as a part of your fashionable image

July 8, 2021
Thumbprint Heart Necklace

Embroidery is one of fashion trends of this summer. What and how to embroider on a dress, blouse, jeans or bomber jacket to be in trend? The most popular embroidery technique on MyTShirtKings t-shirts is the smooth surface. It gives the widest possibilities for decorating clothes with various embroidered patterns and is suitable for both thin translucent and dense fabrics, such as denim.

This summer it is fashionable to make bright, multi-colored embroidery or monochrome patterns. Flowers and birds are still favorites of such a technique. Lace embroidery is in the fashion too, which can be combined with unusual accessories. If the tendency mentioned above to decorate clothes with variegated embroidery has been in fashion for several seasons, then delicate embroidery in tone is a new trend that promises to remain relevant for several years.

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