Gold Metal Clay

October 7, 2017
Have you heard of metal clay?

Welcome to the fabulous world of Metal Clay! Working with Metal Clay always adds an element of anticipation and excitement. It is a visual and physical transformation from pliable organic to hard metal. Witnessing the metamorphosis from "clay" to fine silver, gold, copper or bronze, is awe-inspiring! We encourage you to start making beautiful jewellery with professional results. Metal Clay Australasia offers the biggest selection of Metal Clays in Australia, this includes Precious Metal Clay (PMC), the brand new strong and durable PMC Pro plus Art Clay Silver, BRONZclay, COPPRclay, FASTfire BRONZclay, Art Clay Copper We are delighted to announce that HADAR JACOBSON's NEW Quick Fire Clays have arrived. We stock all of the tools, materials, books, DVD's and information sheets to get you started. We hope that Metal Clay will open up a new world of creative opportunities for you.

Aida Chemical Industries and Mitsubishi Materials Corporation are Japanese companies that recycle and reclaim metals. These recycled metals include the precious metals Silver and Gold. Aida Chemical Industries manufacture Art Clay Silver and Mitsubishi Materials Corporation manufacture PMC or Precious Metal Clay. Patents were then obtained by these companies for the manufacturing process of these amazing metal clay products. The clay/lump, paste/slip and syringe types were introduced to Japan in the early 90's. Books and other accompanying materials were developed and in the mid 90's, Metal Clay - Silver and Gold were officially introduced to the general public in Japan and thereafter the world. There are many thousands of Metal Clay instructors and Metal Clay Studios all over the world.

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