Fire Metal

September 9, 2022
Fire and Metal by Blazemorioz

Dozens of firefighters battled a large scrap metal blaze that broke out at the Trademark Metals Recycling plant near Port Tampa Bay Friday evening.

The fire was contained by 3:30 a.m. and 50th Street at Port Sutton was reopened to traffic, according to the Hillsborough County Fire Rescue.

The fire rescue called a second alarm for the fire and officials with the Sheriff's Office marine unit rerouted boaters in the area.

The smell of burning metal was noticeable across a large swath of the region.

The fire appeared to be centered on a large pile of scrap metal at the center of the plant, at 2801 E 4th Ave., which has been the site of at least two other large fires.

Large fires have sparked at Trademark Metals before. In December 2007 a fire in a 50 foot high pile of scrap metal created 6, 000 tons of burning debris. In October 2011, a nearly identical fire started in a pile of household machinery and appliances. That fire burned for 9 hours. The 2007 fire lasted two days.

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