PMC Tools

September 7, 2022

Welcome to your online supplier of quality tools and equipment for woodworkers, wood turners, hobbiest and professional craftsmen. PMC Machinery, located in Hammond, Louisiana has one of the largest woodworking tools and machinery showrooms in the Southern United States. Shop from a full line of hardware and equipment manufactured by some of the foremost names in tool production like Festool, Powermatic & ShopFox.

Established in 1989, PMC has been serving Louisiana and the Southern United States as a leader in woodworking machines for over 20 years. Come stop by and visit with us to browse a selection of thousands of tools, machines, and accessories to suit your needs. Our showroom is located just 30 miles east of Baton Rouge, LA and 50 miles north of New Orleans, LA at the I-55, I-12 intersection.

Thank you for visiting, the largest tool and machinery showroom in the south! We are located in Hammond, Louisiana and stock a full line of JET, Powermatic, Shop Fox, Extrema, Festool, SawStop, plus much more. Check us out here on the web, or visit our 9, 000 square foot showroom in Hammond, Louisiana.

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