Make your own silver jewelry

February 22, 2021
Make your own silver jewelry

A day to create your own heirloom piece of silver jewelry. Skillfully guided from design through each step of the production process you will learn how to work silver into wearable art. Five (5) grams of silver is included in the price and is sufficient to create a pair of earrings, a ring or a pendant. This is a one of a kind creative experience.

Silver jewelry making, like most old crafts in Bali, is a family affair. Gusti Ayu was taught to make silver jewelry by her father and her older brother. From the early age of 9 she was allowed to polish the silver pieces her family was creating for sale in America and Australia. In Bali, the jeweler’s practiced eye and steady hand is developed over time by children helping their families after school. When you watch Ayu handle the tools and manipulate the silver that will become your personalized silver jewelry you’ll appreciate the years of patient learning that silver jewelry-making entails.

Take a half day for Ayu to introduce you to this special realm of art-making. Bring your jewelry ideas to Ayu and she will help you to craft your idea into a wearable piece of silver jewelry. In a few short hours one can sample the jeweler’s craft as both you and Ayu work together to work new silver into a polished art piece. It’s fun, it’s a challenge and a terrific way to spend your leisure time in Bali.

We have two slots everyday, a morning slot and an afternoon slot:

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