Silver Willow Sporting Clays

January 28, 2019
Silver Willow Sporting

Annual Membership
$295.00 Plus GST
Pro-rated until March 1, 2017

Silver Willow is moving towards becoming a members based facility in 2017, for members & their guests.

At least one person per group must have a valid PAL to shoot our course.



The Duck Pond 25 Targets


Sporting Clays 50 Targets



Sporting Clays 100 Targets



Shoot Card 550 Targets



Shoot Card 1150 Targets


Annual Membership

Gun Rental

$40.00 PAL required
(can be shared by up to two ppl)

Golf Cart

$20.00/per round for members
$27.00 per round for non-members


$11.00 - $14.00/Box of 25

*Winchester, Federal, Challenger, and Remington Shells are also available in case lots at a discounted price ranging from $90.00 - $125.00 per case.

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