PMC Sterling

December 6, 2017
PMC Sterling

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Follow these step-by-step instructions to learn how to make these PMC Sterling earrings designed by Wannaree Tanner using her Celtic Inspirations Dynasty Stamp. These beautiful earrings are set with black onyx cabochons.

Click on the “Materials List” tab above to see what you will need!


Cut a heavy-duty freezer bag in half along its seams (to make a single sheet). You will be using this when you roll the PMC Sterling onto the Dynasty Stamp.

Roll out 10-gram piece of PMC Sterling clay 2-cards thick.

Apply olive oil or a release agent onto the Celtic frame (bottom center of the Dynasty Stamp). Place the rolled-out clay on top of the texture. Place 1-card thick slats (or one playing card) on either side of the clay.
Cover the clay with the freezer bag. Use the roller in your metal clay kit to firmly roll the clay in one smooth movement on top of the texture. Using the plastic bag and rolling only once will prevent a "ghost" impression.

2 Remove the clay by flipping over the texture sheet, then allow gravity to gently pull the clay away from the sheet and onto the plastic bag. Carefully transfer your clay from the plastic bag to your work surface.

Use the craft knife from your tool kit to cut out both oval frames.

3 Make two holes, one above the other, at the top of each frame with a ball burnisher, then allow them to dry completely.

Use 600-grit WetorDry polishing paper or sanding sponges to sand and refine the frames.

5 Use a round needle file to smooth and refine the holes in the frames.

6 Roll out 10 grams of PMC Sterling 2-cards thick. Apply a release agent to the triskele/knotwork texture (the long strip on far left side of Dynasty Stamp sheet). Position the rolled-out clay on the texture so that two of the triskeles are covered. Re-roll the clay as you did in Step 1 to make two triskele impressions. 7 Transfer the clay to your work surface; use the knife to cut out the two triskele discs, then allow them to dry completely.8 Use 600-grit WetorDry polishing paper or sanding sponges to sand and refine the discs. Use the round needle file to file a notch into one side of each disc. 9 Fire the oval frames and discs according to manufacturer's instructions.

After firing, tumble the fired pieces 1–2 hours to work-harden the metal.


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