Clay, Silver

December 3, 2016
Story on Art clay silver


  • Back to Basics: A Life in Ceramics. (Frank Willett & Luisa Baldinger)
  • Beyond Trade: Prehistoric Mimbres/Mesoamerican Social Interactions and Connections. (Dr. Cynthia Ann Bettison)
  • Clay as a Birthplace, Staying Grounded - Landscape Restoration of Ciénagas on the Pitchfork Ranch. (A.T. Cole)
  • Clay Communities of Oaxaca Mexico. (Javier Cervantes & Barb Campbell)
  • Desert Botany and New Food Grains. (Dr. Richard Felger)
  • History of Pueblo Pottery. (Pam Lujan Hauer)
  • Kitchen, Village, Planet. Deep Functionality in Oaxacan Pottery. (Eric Mindling)
  • Mata Ortiz: Past, Present & Future. (Diego Valles & Carla Martinez)
  • Mesquite: History, Harvesting, and Use. (Rita Herbst & Asher Gelbhart)
  • Pottery and Power at Paquimé, Chihuahua, Mexico. (Dr. Michael Whalen)
  • Reconstructing Ancient Pottery Techniques. (Dr. Eric Blinman)


  • LeBlanc/Zipin Home
  • Pitchfork Ranch
  • Syzygy Tile Factory Tour
  • Silver City Labyrinths
  • Youth Mural Project Tile Sites


  • Texas Hold Em Poker Fundraiser
  • Gala Fundraiser


  • Beakers, Cups & Mugs: The Art of Drinking Juried Exhibition (Blue Dome Gallery)
  • Interwoven: Neo-Mimbreno Clay and Fiber Explorations (McCray Gallery)
  • Arturo Rios - Oaxacan Hat Designer to the Stars - Vintage Fantasies
  • Barb Campbell & Javier Cervantes - Bear Mountain Lodge
  • Bill Blakemore & Pat Bouchard - Moonstruck Gallery
  • Blythe Whiteley Hand Building Demonstration - Blythe Whiteley, Curtis Dinwiddie & Rita Sherwood - The Place @108
  • Claude Smith III & Jessica Wilson - Murray Ryan Visitor Center
  • Debbie Clashin Demonstration - Tree Spirit Gallery
  • Inside Clay Ocarinas - Jeremy Dillar, Marghie Seymour & Mata Ortiz Artists - Soul River Studio
  • Interpretations of Clay - Juan Quezada and Casas Grande/Paquimé Pieces - The Pink Store
  • Kathryn Allen - Seedboat Gallery
  • Kelley S. Hestir & Mitch Lyons - Mimbres Region Arts Council Office
  • Letha ala Mimbres - Hutchings Fine Art
  • Oralia Lopez (Artist) & John Bezy (Author) - Silver City Museum Annex
  • Pierre Nichols, Interpretations of the Clay - The Pink Store
  • Romaine Begay & Addie Keely - Leyba & Ingalls Arts
  • Stephanie Stephenson - The Raven's Nest
  • Stories of Southwestern New Mexico Women Silver City Museum
  • Western New Mexico University Museum - WNMU
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