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June 27, 2020
Metal Clay chain

On these pages you'll find a large variety of web page based metal clay tutorials and guides. We've chosen the best we could find on the internet. If you find a web based tutorial for PMC or Art Clay you think is good or if you've got your own website with good information on that you'd like to submit to us, please let us know by using our contact page.

The Beginners pages include lots of information for newbies to metal clay. You'll find useful information about starting out with metal clay including some guidance on the equipment you'll need. You'll also find beginners metal clay project tutorials.

On the Advanced pages, you'll find more challenging metal clay projects and information to help you improve your jewelry making skills.

The Bronze page has tutorials, guides and information about the new Bronzclay™.

On the Chain and Cords page you'll find tutorials on how to make chain and cords to complement your metal clay creations.

The Firing page has tutorials on how to fire metal clay. All the ways of firing metal clay are covered here.

The Glass page shows you projects combining glass with your metal clay. You'll learn about the specific problems of working with glass and how to overcome them.

The Stones page includes several ways of including stones with your metal clay projects. Both faceted stones and cabochons are included.

The Hollow Forms page shows you how to make basic and more advanced metal clay hollow forms including those with some form of armature or internal form as well as unsupported hollow forms.

To learn about adding colour to your metal clay work, visit the Patina and Colours page. Here you'll learn all about Liver of Sulphur, the most commonly used patina as well as how to transfer images to your metal clay work, use enamels and other ways of adding colour.

If you want your PMC or Art Clay work to be truly unique, making your own textures is essential. Creating molds is also a great way of making matching items in metal clay. The Textures and Molds page provides resources for making your own molds and textures.

The wirework and beading page includes information to help you make even more of your metal clay creations.

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