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October 8, 2016
PMC Pro Silver Clay Firing
ORCID-based author searching is particularly useful for people who have frequently occurring last names, or have changed their name, but also in the case of Consortium authorship, it allows scientists to claim their contribution to these works - something that name-based author searching cannot do in many cases.
For those interested in programmatic access, we have incorporated ORCIDs into the core response of the RESTful web service, linking the ORCID to specific author names as far as possible, and including a complete ORCID list for each record.
If you use the Europe PMC Article-Claiming tool and/or make your ORCID bibliography public, your ORCID will be shown in Europe PMC as described above, when there is corresponding content available. We will soon be making the associations made using the Article-claiming tool available on a more immediate basis, and welcome any further suggestions for improvement from our users.
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