Metal Clay Kilns for Sale

March 8, 2022
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I am a metalsmith in Wilmington NC. I was trained in traditonal metalsmithing techniques but over the years I've dabbled with metal clays. These clays are part wood dust, part binder and mostly tiny metal particles. You can shape this clay and then fire it in a kiln. The pulp and binder burn off and you're left with a metal object. In the last two years I've increasingly worked with Bronzeclay. The images here are Bronzeclay earrings that I have made in the past. Since I don't have the appropriate kiln in my home studio, and I work part time at a community college, I have fired a few batches on campus in the kiln there. But that situation may not last. The college has cut my hours in half and cut metals classes, so who knows how long I will have a job there. With this campaign I want to raise funds to purchase a kiln that would allow me to fire bronze clay, silver clay and enamel at home. At the moment I work three part time jobs and sell my work at craftshows. Making a living as an artist can be a challenge. I often feel as if I'm stuck in a chicken and egg scenario. Borrowing kiln time doesn't make for a smooth creative process. Therefore I need your help to achieve this goal! Having the appropriate equipment at my disposal would be heaven.
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