Art Clay Starter Kit

August 25, 2017
New Sterling silver clay PMC3

silver precious metal clay silhouette charmsAbout five months ago, my dad bought me the Art Clay starter kit that had been sitting in my wishlist forever. If you’ve never heard of it, Art Clay (or precious metal clay–pmc) is a clay containing powdered metal. You can mold it into anything, allow it to dry, and then fire it to burn off the clay binder…yada yada yada. When all’s said and done, you have a piece of 99.9% pure metal (in this case, silver).
Pretty awesome, right? Except that once I had the kit in my hands, I had no idea what to make. Since I could make ANYTHING I wanted to make, I didn’t want to make a generic charm. So I sat on the kit for months.
Last week, I finally got the idea that I wanted to make silhouettes of the boys. So that’s what I did, and here they are!
This was my first project. and I definitely see room for improvement in the final product. I should have spent more time sanding the surface because every little nick and bump shows, and it is much easier to work with the un-fired clay than it is to try to hide imperfections in the final silver project. Still, I am happy with the results overall and I will be making more stuff with pmc!

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