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July 2, 2018
Art Clay Silver Basic Kit #4

Home Study Diploma LogoIf you can't travel to study with us in Cornwall, you can now study the Diploma at your own pace and in your own time at home. Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3 are now available to buy and Grade 4 is planned soon.

Guided by Lisa Cain in a relaxed, informal style, you'll learn all about silver metal clay - both brands and all varieties. You'll then be guided to complete the projects that make up the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Diploma Grade 1 course, the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Diploma Grade 2 course or the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Diploma Grade 3 course. Packed with tips and hints, demonstrations and information, this is the closest thing to taking a private class with Lisa you can get - without leaving home! Check out the buzz we've been getting since launching the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Home Study Diploma.

Grade 4 of the Diploma has two routes if you come to Devon: you can choose the teaching metal clay module or the silver metal clay design and construction module. These classes will require you to come to Cornwall to study with us in person or attend a live class at your nearest MCSJ Diploma Support Centre if they are running a class. We intend to launch a Grade 4 course especially for Home Study Students. Once you've successfully completed all four Grades, you'll be awarded our Diploma and your name will be added to our Silver Metal Clay Diploma Holders Roll of Honour page.

On this page, you'll find all the information you need to get started.

How does the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Home Study Diploma work?

It’s very simple. You buy the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Grade 1 Home Study Diploma through our online system, this is the first step. We have a special introductory price of £350 (plus postage) for the Grade 1 Home Study Course. The full pack has everything you need to make all the projects in the Grade. When the pack arrives, you watch the DVDs, print the project tutorials, slides and resources that are on the CD and then make the seven projects that make up the Grade 1 Diploma course. All the materials and resources are included in the pack but you’ll need to have your own . You can also arrange a visit to one of our MCSJ Diploma Support Centres to use theirs.

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