Stainless steel Metal Clay

February 6, 2022
PMC Precious Metal Silver Art

Coat your work surface and the rubber stamp, brass plate, or other textured surface with Badger Balm or cooking oil.

Open your PMC Clay package and remove the lump of clay. Knead it in your hands for a few seconds to soften it.

Place two stacks of six playing cards or matte board on either side of the clay. Use you roller to flatten the clay to approximately 1/16" thick.

Pick up the clay slab and place it on the design side of your textured piece. Gently press the clay into the design with your thumbs applying even pressure over the entire design. This allows you to see and feel the clay and ensure that the design is pressed completely into the clay, but not so far that it weakens its structure.

Gently peel the piece from your textured form, and place it design side up on your work surface. Use a craft knife to trim the clay around the outside edge of the desired design area.

Your basic design is now created.

You now need to create a way for your piece to be hung from a chain or necklace. You can use a small straw as a cookie cutter to create your hole. If you want your piece to be rounded or shaped you can use your hands before you dry it, you you can drape it over an object.

Thoroughly dry your piece with a hair dryer.

When your piece is completely dry, use files and/or sandpaper to smooth any rough areas and to modify the design as desired.

There are a few ways to fire your piece. All PMC products can be fired in a kiln. If using a kiln, fire the piece on a ceramic-fiber kiln shelf. See our firing chart for firing times. If you are using PMC3 material you can fire in a kiln, in our Hot Pot, or using a torch. For Hot Pot use, see our simple Hot Pot firing instructions.

After firing, smooth the surface of the fired piece with a stainless steel wire brush to transform the white surface into a brushed matte finish. If necessary, use a fine jewelers file to smooth any rough areas. You can also use a burnishing tool or tumbler to apply different finishes to your work of art. Enjoy your masterpiece!

Other Options:

  • Tumble your piece using a rotary tumbler with stainless steel shot if a high polish is desired.
  • The piece can be shaped and curved to some extent after it has been fired. Use a rawhide or plastic mallet to shape your piece over a metal "stake" type anvil.
  • Apply a patina such as liver of sulfur to create an antique appearance.
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